The Key2Free is a non-profit working to end sex slavery in Texas. Their range of operations extend from reconnaissance and rescue to rehabilitation into society. To date they have helped dozens of women escape and learn how to rejoin society and have been featured on KVUE and Spirit 105.9 helping to spread the word about the last true form of slavery in the United States.

The Key2Free had an existing site and had just rebranded. So their former site did not match their current brand. So 1903 Studios worked with them to build out their brand into a website with many features and helped them translate that brand into a variety of print mediums. The Key2Free site has an ecommerce store, doner and customer accounts, an interactive event calendar, and a highly customized blog.

"One of the first priorities for human trafficking victims is safe housing. Housing is a critical part of the recovery process."

Greg Abbott / Governor, Texas
Website, Branding, Print

The Key2Free website has many features which help them run their non-profit and bring in new funds. Among the top features are the ecommerce store, shopping cart, donations, customer accounts, blog, and events page. However, we took special attention to the design of the site. Because the subject matter is so dark, we wanted the site to portray a since of victory and uplift the those who used it.

As you use the site, you'll notice that there are many little widgets that were custom made such as the call to action images at the bottom of the home page that say Donate, Connect, Share. If you click on the Share image, an overlay opens with prompts to share the site on social media. Many such custom widgets were built into the site to enhance the user experience.