Kokomo Pool Care

Kokomo Pool Care is a modern pool care company located in Austin, Texas. They offer a wide area for their services compared to typical pool companies. But the main thing that stands them apart is that their stated goal is to make their customers happy at all cost. Their slogan after all is "We'll get the there fast so you can take it slow".

When they wanted to launch a new website they contacted 1903 Studios to head the project. The site was built to portray happiness and ease of use. So throughout the site you will see smiling children, bright colors, and simple UI so that customers do not get confused. You could use this site sipping a margarita on the beach, or in the comfort of your own pool.

"Pools bring back fun, happy, and exciting memories. When people think of Kokomo, I want them to remember those memories."

Michael Heath Sr / Owner
Website, Branding, SEO

One of Kokomo's main requests was that the site be more than just a pretty face. They wanted it to help their customer's contact them and use it for lead gen through SEO. So we made the UI extremely simple and used call to actions throughout the copy and highlighted them in lime green.

For the SEO we researched what their competitors were targeting and noticed that localized searches were not being competed on. So we made individual landing pages for each sub area which ended up ranking number one on for their respective top keywords.