Inspection Masters

Inspection Masters is one the top commercial and residential inspection agencies in Austin. They cover everything from rough-ins, to energy audits, and work with the local government directly to make sure that your place of business or home is up to the standards that it should be.

Inspection Masters approached 1903 Studios and asked us to re-create their brand, logo, and website. Throughout the entire process they stressed accuracy and protection for families as their brand guides. To portray this we created a strong logo in the shape of a house with blue and green shades surrounding it to represent safety and efficiency.

"Everything has to be perfect. We can't mess up because we are the ones signing off that it was done correctly."

James Davis / CEO, Owner
Logo, Branding, Website

Inspection Masters wanted their site to stress that they cover multiple areas of inspections and break it down for their potential clients. Because the inspection world is foreign to most people this was a unique challenge. We ended up defining commercial and residential as their main branches and built sub pages for each with details and explanations.

Inspection Masters also wanted the website to be a lead generation tool with the option of growing the site to eventually include a blog so they could begin an inbound marketing campaign. In order to accomplish this, we used the bright green from the logo and used that for all buttons. Then we used the words 'FREE Quote' in almost every button in order to draw more people in.